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AQATSA: A visit from the Suck Fairy, contact info, and a sooper-seekrit meet-up

Betaing has begun!

My betas are wading into the mess that is my first draft. They will tackle the first few chapters while I work on the later ones (where all the real problems are).

Please don't pester me about an ETA for completion. It'll be done when it's done. Before the end of the year, I promise. Hopefully a lot sooner than that.

In the meantime, I've already trimmed 2000 words from the first five chapters, and that's just with my own minor line edits before I handed them off to my betas. So that's not too bad. The final draft is still almost certainly going to be the longest AQ book yet, but hopefully not quite the bloated beast it is now.

So for those who have been begging for excerpts, here is one wholesale cut I made from an early chapter. While I thought it was kind of interesting, it really doesn't say anything about Alexandra's world that isn't revealed elsewhere, and it's redundant since she takes the same van (with a different driver) back to the airport. And I had originally stuck this scene in as a "flashback," so it was doubly unnecessary. Hence, it was an easy cut. Nothing really exciting or revealing here, and it's certainly not my best prose (and it's completely unedited - yes, I know some of those verb tenses need to be kicked into submission), but if you're just dying for a little taste of AQATSA, here's a little taste of something the Suck Fairy left in my first draft, which I managed to expurgate.

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Hey, I told you it was cutting-room floor material.

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Which brings me to my next item. A handful of you have expressed a desire to meet up in person. Frankly, the idea of a "QuickCon" gathering fills me with queasy introversion. However --

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Alexandra Quick short: Mysteries

I am hesitant to post this because I haven't done the usual multiple passes of editing and rewriting and proofreading, and of course it has not been betaed. But I cannot see this making it into AQATSA, it's just a little excerpt that wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it all down, and if I spent the time I usually do on polishing it, that's time not writing the main story or my other stuff. So, consider this very rough and pseudo-canon. (If I realize I wrote something here that later contradicts something else, I reserve the right to declare it apocryphal. ;))

I may occasionally post other little excerpts if I get more ideas for scenes that don't really belong in book four.


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Don' Like Peas!

Some of those plot twists and scene-connectors that have been giving me such difficulty are starting to resolve themselves. Although details are still fuzzy, I can begin to see the final shape of the events leading up the climax, and the denouement, and am beginning to think I may work this mess out in my mind after all. I've written a few thousand words in the past couple of days, which is better than I've been doing for a while.

That's a few thousand words, not counting the following. This is a little vignette that formed in my mind, very clearly, as a scene from Alexandra's past. It's too long to be a drabble, too short to be a short story. It's a significant little incident (and astute readers will recognize where Alexandra flashes back to it), but not that significant. I'm not sure I'll ever find a place to stick it in the books, and if I do, it will probably be greatly shortened.

But, it stuck in my head, enough for me to write it out, and even create an accompanying image. So, here it is.

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ETA: I hate LiveJournal and its craptastic editor with the heat of a thousand burning suns.

Alexandra Quick Poem

This was sent to me by a reader, tinypearl32. She said: "I was just reading Ch. 26 of the Lands Below, and I said the first line to myself (as Alex) and made the rest up. A present for you, to the tune from a Dr. Seuss poem."

I think it's awfully cute and deserves to be shared. :)

Hymn to Abraham Thorn
by Alexandra Quick

There are so many things / that I really should know.
So why don't you bother on / telling me so?
I should know the first names of my sis's and brothers
Who get heaped in a stack from the rest of the others.

If you start at the top, / there's a girl I don't know,
And then three pretty girls / all in a row:
Lucilla, Drucilla, and Valeria,
All from your second wife, I tell'ya.

Also Maximilian King and Julia,
And Matron Thalia who ain't from Sullia.
And, down at the bottom is poor little Alex.
But if she ever complains,
She will get a hex.