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Very small HP funny

Because I don't do tumblr, this is amusing enough to repost:

The Harry Potter Novels According to Narcissa Malfoy:

1. Narcissa Malfoy and He’s Not Going To Durmstrang
2. Narcissa Malfoy and What Happened to Our House Elf, Lucius?
3. Narcissa Malfoy and and The Injury of her Poor Baby
4. Narcissa Malfoy and the Time She Had Something Foul-Smelling Under Her Nose
5. Narcissa Malfoy and the Time Her Sister Broke Out of Azkaban and Came to Live in Her House
6. Narcissa Malfoy and He’s Just a Boy
7. Narcissa Malfoy and That Time She Saved the World

Ms. Grimm seems to be the clear winner in the character poll. You can still vote, though: I may commission more than one illustration. ;)

And uh, gosh, I guess I'd better finish my pphpficexchange fic. >..> (This is the last time I sign up for anything with a deadline...)
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