Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

The facts, for those who care to know them

I banned fpb because of his persistent, abusive behavior on my LJ, not because of anything he posted elsewhere.

I haven't done anything to prevent him from reading my posts. I don't even know how I could do that. My journal is completely open; I have never posted anything friends-locked. I have also never deleted anyone's comments, with the exception of spammers. I have screened a very small number that were over-the-top abuse and/or trolling (or, in one instance, an enormous wall of text copy&pasted from his own LJ, for which I provided a link instead).

If banned users are now restricted from reading posts on an LJ from which they have been banned, that's a change LiveJournal has made. The banned user FAQ says nothing about banned users being unable to lurk. (It seems like it would be a silly change for LJ to make since you could cirmcumvent it simply by browsing without signing in to your LJ account.)

As for his whining that I won't answer him, there is an old Korean saying: When I walk around a pile of shit, it's not because I'm afraid of it.

I have never written anything that wasn't the truth as I see it. I may be wrong, I may even be an asshole, but I don't lie.

People are free to read what I've written and read what he's written and make up their own minds. I am happy to answer reasonable questions from people who are not fpb* if they really want clarification about any of my words.

* I'd answer reasonable questions from fpb but he's never written anything reasonable when he disagrees with meanyone.

ETA: Dude, the comment you're claiming I "deleted afterward"? It's still there -- I can see it. It's screened. You have the power to screen, unscreen, or delete it, but I did not. Jeebus, not only can't you see entries on my LJ, but apparently you can't even see entries on your own? Learn how to use the Internet before going into hysterics and accusing other people of lying.

As for when I banned you, I told you the exact moment I banned you, which happened during another one of your tirades on my LJ. This isn't a "he said/he said" situation, this is a situation where proof that everything you're saying is exactly the opposite of the truth is right there to be read by anyone.
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