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AQATSA: Needs More Pirates!

Okay, seriously, I need to turn the Internet off. It's distracting me too much. I have always spent too much time messing around online, but in the last year I've become a compulsive email/forum/LJ checker -- like, I will click "refresh" every few minutes just because it's there. I never used to be this bad. But if I am sitting at my computer to write, the Internet is one window away, and it's way too easy to become distracted, especially if someone posts a link to TVTropes...

(Yeah, yeah, "Unplug the router." Sure, I can do that, until I actually need to look something up while I'm writing, which I frequently do.)

I used to go to a coffee shop or bookstore to write. Like a real poseur writer-wannabe. Unfortunately, my very nice laptop had an unfortunate encounter with hot liquid. It was pretty much a worst-case scenario: not just coffee, but a Cafe Mocha. A large, full Cafe Moche. And it scored a direct hit across the keyboard.

That was one dead laptop.

Not having the money to replace it, I settled for a cheap-ass netbook instead, which sucks. I don't like writing on it. The keyboard and screen are too small, it doesn't have enough memory so every time I save a document, it "freezes" for several seconds while hamsters jump up and down on the bits to make sure they're firmly in place on the hard drive. So I don't write with it, I use it only when I have to, like for airplane trips and the like.

While I am whining, can I mention that this is the worst allergy season I have experienced in years and I have a headache constantly and my eyes and nose are a red, runny, snotty mess pretty much all day?

With all this, and certain Real Life tribulations going on, my ambitious resolution to produce 1000 words per day has not been working out. I'm at 210K words now, and I know, in rough outline, how the rest of the story will unwind. The devil is in the details, and I've still got some gaping plot holes to resolve. If I can just answer all my 'why's and 'when's and 'where's and 'what about...?'s I'll be able to start cranking my way towards the end, but it's taking a while.

I tried making a Worldle out of one of the ink sketches I posted a while ago:

But it's not very interesting, so have some pirates as well:

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