Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

Anon commenters: "Remember this is art for art's sake"

An anonymous commenter commented on one of the AQATSA cover posts with "Remember, this is art for art's sake."

I was not sure whether it was a spammer or a legitimate commenter, since it didn't make much sense, and resembled the comments bots usually leave on random entries, but it was somewhat related to the post. Since LJ screened it automatically, I just deleted it.

Then the same comment got posted again a few days later, along with a comment about "technical issues."

So, anonymous commenter: if you're a real person and that was meant to be a real comment, my apologies for deleting it both times, but this is why I ask anons to sign their posts with a username or something. Especially if you are going to leave cryptic one-line comments that look suspiciously like spam. Nowadays my delete finger is getting twitchier, as I move closer towards disabling anonymous comments altogether.

ETA: Also, LiveJournal's anti-spam measures seem to be automatically screening comments from anons with increasing frequency, so be aware that if you post anonymously, it might not be visible to anyone else until I notice it was screened and unscreen it.
Tags: admin stuff, spam

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