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AQATSA Update: Big-ass snakes and Alexandra curses

I am up to 182,800 words and Chapter 29. And still not quite done with Act 2. Oy.

I have Alexandra dropping the f-bomb, which I may or may not edit out in the final draft. I mean, I'm sure Alexandra has used the word before now. She's not exactly a potty-mouth, but she does swear. Usually I keep the actual written dialog PG or PG-13, though. But in this case, it really seems to get across her state of mind. However, I think the f-word requires a mandatory "M" rating on, and probably requires it to be rated "Professors" on MNFF, too. Which is kinda dumb, because usually those ratings are reserved for stories with explicit sex.

Anyway, I have a couple of artists working on a cover and some character illustrations, and I may get some people to do more chapter illustrations. Here is a rough layout of one chapter illustration, using Poser's "sketch" renderer (which obscures a multitude of sins in the way of lighting and plasticene expresssions and non-conforming clothing).

(This isn't even what causes her to drop the f-bomb!)

Click for larger image
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatsa, fan art

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