Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQATSA: In Celebration of Bad Covers

Don't you love Contemptible Covers? What is up with paranormal romance covers? They're worse than those bodice-ripper romances with the Highlander Spice Guy flexing his abs at Victorian strippers. It's all Photoshopped bubble-butts and fuck-me tattoos. I actually saw this on the shelf at Borders and thought they'd forgotten to put one of their stroke bookserotica in a black plastic wrapper.

Although I have yet to see a book cover that beat this one for the Exalted RPG (warning: probably NSFW) in sheer "WTF? ONTD!" tastelessness.

So by comparison, even my crappy Poser art looks good, right? :D

Here's a second draft of the AQATSA cover -- again, just a crude mock-up for layout purposes, to be given to an actual artist. (Click for larger image.)

Click for larger image

Current word count: 170,700. Just finished Chapter 27.
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatsa, mockety-mock-mock

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