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The 1001 Books Challenge

I've decided to launch my own book challenge for 2011. It was inspired by a shift in my reading habits this past year, in which I've begun to wander outside the sci-fi/fantasy genre that's made up about 90% of my fiction reading for most of my life. Readers (and aspiring writers) should really challenge themselves by reading in every genre and being as widely read as possible, but I'm embarrassed at how limited a lot of my reading has been, and I've noticed that a lot of other people seem to be stuck in a genre ghetto. (I say that with affection -- I have no intention of quitting my SF&F habit!)

Therefore, I am challenging myself (and you) to take on one or more books this year from a list that you might not have chosen yourself. The goal is to collectively review all 1001 books on the list by the end of 2011.

I have started a community for this challenge, books1001. The rules for joining are found in the community profile. Please come by and sign up if you think you can commit to one book in a year!
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