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I knew a guy once who was an audio-engineer for some very high-end venues. He did shows in Vegas, major rock concerts, and was one of the folks in charge of the sound and lighting for the Democratic National Convention. He really knew his stuff.

Ask him about the "audiophiles" who buy super-expensive gold-plated speaker cables for their twenty-thousand dollar home entertainment systems and wank endlessly about how much clearer and purer and more refined the sound is, as opposed to that produced by lesser materials, and he would just laugh his ass off.

With that note, I present to you: the AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable - UST plugs 8' (2.44m) pair. Amazon price: $6800. (And free shipping!)

After you've picked your jaw up off the floor, though, you really have to read the product reviews.

(Originally seen on Making Light.)
Tags: humor

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