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My morals and my value to the literary community

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Beware of Vanity Press Scams, in which I singled out the Strategic Publishing Group, affiliated with the hydra-headed AEG Publishing Group.

I received this response from an anonymouse:

Your research.
You're comments are way off base and at best, amateur. There are numerous authors published by Strategic that are doing quite well with book sales and book signing events. You should really do more research before making such "preachy" and uninformed opinions yourself. These kinds of comments only question your own morals and your value to the literary community.

Dear anonymouse:

Are you a butthurt author victimized by Strategic and trying to convince yourself you're a real author? (You're not, not in the eyes of the publishing industry, no more than if you listed a self-published book as a publishing credit.)

Or are you, perhaps, Robert M. Fletcher, the person behind AEG?

Here is some more of my research:

Robert Fletcher of Writers' Literary Agency Labelled Fraudulent And Frivolous In Legal Ruling

Robert M. Fletcher, literary scammer

AEG (Writer's Beware)

Writers Literary Agency/AEG Publishing Group/Strategic Book Publishing/Eloquent Books (Absolute Write)

Strategic Book Publishing AEG Publishing Group Complaints - Fraud

So, anonymouse, do tell, name me some of these "numerous authors" published by Strategic who are enjoying such literary success? Name me one book published by Strategic that I can walk into Borders or Barnes & Noble and purchase? (No, ordering off of B&N or Amazon's website doesn't count -- anyone with an internet connection can put their book on Amazon or now.)

(P.S. It's "your comments," not "you're comments.")
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