Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

Movies that make authors roll over in their graves

I loved Edgar Rice Burroughs as a kid. Of course, I loved anything illustrated by Frank Frazetta.

His books are now available for free at Project Gutenberg.

I especially loved the Barsoom series.

Did you know there was a 2009 movie?

Do not watch!

I mean, I guess I should have known what to expect when I saw it starred Traci Lords, but seriously... this was just amazingly awful. Not a funny MST3K kind of awful.... just bad and stupid and bad and painfully dumb and bad.

There aren't many books or movies I give one star, but I'd have given this zero stars if Netflix had that option.

So, supposedly there is going to be a John Carter of Mars film in 2012. Hopefully the trauma will have worn off enough by then for me to risk seeing it.
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