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Fan fiction, trunk novels, more dissecting reviews, and a word cloud

I just finished chapter six of AQATSA. Seriously, it's not going to be done until next year. (And I'm not talking early in the year, either.)

I am trying to do what writers are advised to do, use the BIC method and write at least 1000 words per day. Some days it's easier than others. I've been keeping this up for the past week or so, but some weeks, not so much. Also, not all of my writing time is devoted to AQATSA. Yes, I am working on original fiction. No, I'm not going to tell you anything about it. (Maybe if it gets published... someday.) And no, it's got nothing to do with Alexandra Quick.

More than one person has suggested that I should strip all the Harry Potter references out and try to get the Alexandra Quick series published. As fun as it is to imagine this (and I'd love to see someone write a YA heroine whose entire storyline does not revolve around boys), I think rewriting the American wizarding world in its entirety so that it becomes a setting that interests people without being an obvious rip-off of Harry Potter is a project I just don't want to tackle right now. Maybe someday, if I become one of those authors who's published enough books that I can go back and start revising my trunk novels for publication, I might try it.

In the meantime, TealTerror wrote an epic three-part review of Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment. I love these sorts of dissecting reviews. :) Feel free to discuss. I'm particularly interested in his observations about Alexandra hating herself, happy vs. tragic endings, and the pacing of AQ read serially as opposed to reading it all at once. I may comment more later, but I'd rather open the floor to y'all first. Yes, I am an egoist, I get great big entertainment out of people talking about my stories and characters! But I put it behind a cut. (Is anyone reading my LJ just for the book reviews? Or 'cause they're hoping I'll uncork against conservatives? Probably not...)

So, here's another word cloud, constructed from the first 37K words of AQATSA.

Sigh. Yes, I still have too many characters looking at each other all the time. I'm trying to edit out the eye-emoting when I see it on a second pass.

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