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People are wrong!!! (Bonus: the Thorn Family Tree (revised))

I used to be incredibly argumentative. (I know, big shock, right?) I spent more time than I want to think about arguing on message boards, getting into flamewars with people who were just so unspeakably jaw-droppingly blood-boilingly unbearably fucking stupid that surely the entire universe would collapse into a singularity if I did not disabuse of them of their utter and complete wrongbadness.

I just skimmed a certain HP message board for the first time in months, and.... yeah, I'm glad I've outgrown that. (Okay, I'll still get into it sometimes with people, but for the most part, I've learned to walk away from poo-flinging chimps, or better yet, not engage at all.)

This, btw, is why I don't post a lot about my politics here. 'Cause I can easily go off on a tear about my godless heathen liberal politics, but then it becomes unfun when people who share a common love of fandom are suddenly ripping into each other over abortion or God or whether Obama wants to make you gay marry a Muslim anchor baby. (Yes, I totally ripped that last line off from John Scalzi, who I want to be when I grow up.)

So, now and then I feel like doing the "blogging" thing where I actually talk about, you know, real stuff, and then I think better of it, because that way lies self-immolation.

Anyway, here is a revised Thorn Family Tree (with some noteworthy additions) as a reward for suffering through the above rambling. Note that it is still subject to future revisions...

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