Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment ebooks now available

I have just uploaded Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment as complete ebooks to my fan fiction folder. (The link to my downloadable ebooks can always be found under the "My Stories" menu of this LJ.)

As with previous Alexandra Quick books (and Hogwarts Houses Divided) there is both a PDF version, which includes all the chapter illustrations I posted here previously, and an unillustrated epub version more suitable for small screens.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you find any errors/bugs/typos. Also, rather than sending copies of my ebooks to others or uploading them elsewhere, I would prefer that you distribute the above link instead, since I do occasionally update those files when I find a new typo or formatting error.
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatdr, ebooks

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