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How often do you reread?

For those of you missing Alexandra, I'm on chapter five now, and just over 24K words.

I don't really know how long book four is going to be. I'm going to try to keep it trim, as with book three, but there's so much happening this time around, and I'm still working out so many of the details, that I cannot predict the final wordcount. Rowling started to write big, bloated books with book four; I'll try not to do that.

I've been rereading books one through three, picking up little details I'd forgotten about myself. (Rowling admitted that she didn't reread her own books, and it was pretty clear that she'd forgotten some of her own details.) My, Alexandra really was quite a little snot in book one, wasn't she? I totally forgot about that time she backed Archie's truck through the neighbor's garage.

Rereading Habits

Apparently, I'm quite odd, because I almost never reread books. About the only time I do is when I read it so long ago that I don't really remember it. I've heard of people rereading the entire Harry Potter series multiple times, or people who reread a favorite book every year or so.

I don't get it. There are so many books I want to read, I will never get through them all in my lifetime. So it's never made much sense to me to spend time rereading something when I could be reading something new. Yes, I know there are books from which you can always pick up something new each time you reread them, and books you want to reexperience every few years but... I just prefer reading something I haven't read before.

I also don't usually like watching movies more than once.

Poll #1606179 Rereading Books

How often do you reread books?

Never or almost never
I occasionally reread favorite books
There are a few books I reread regularly
I reread books all the time
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