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Alexandra Quick Word Clouds

Just because I think this is cool.

(These clouds were generated from the complete texts of each book, selecting the top 100 words, with stemming.)

Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

AQATTC word cloud

Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below

AQATLB word cloud

Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment

AQATDR word cloud

So, besides being kind of interesting, word clouds can also point out your writing quirks that aren't immediately noticable when reading the text. Apparently my characters look at each other a lot, and there was a dramatic increase in nodding in books two and three. You can also see the relative prominence of the characters. Anna has pretty consistently been second only to Alexandra in importance, but David has had much smaller roles in books two and three than he did in book one. Charlie's prominence dropped a lot in book three. And Constance gets mentioned much more often than Forbearance. Hmm...

AQATSA Preview (kind of)

Here's a word cloud from chapter one of Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above. (Note: not stemmed, and this is the first draft, so no guarantee you'll see these same words in the final version.)

Wordle: Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above Ch. 1
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