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Wizarding Fashions

One of the problems in describing what wizards wear is that all we really get in the series is "robes." Which apparently look mostly like dresses. And there's lots of speculation about whether or not they wear underwear under their robes, or whether students wear "normal" clothing under them, etc. But you can only dress robes up so many different ways, whether or not they're actually dress-like. However, humans tend to like fashion (even guys, even white-bearded old men, even if they don't happen to be gay). I can't imagine everyone in the wizarding world goes around wearing nothing but various colors and styles of robes their entire lives, yet remains so ignorant of Muggle fashions that we see a wizard in GoF trying to dress like a Muggle by putting on a nightgown, and unaware that he's wearing women's clothing.

I've tried to insert a little sartorial variety in Alexandra Quick, mostly by including a lot of different cultures with their own style of dress (and having Alexandra make disparaging remarks about "formal robe == dress"), but I often still feel like I'm just throwing leather or lace over a robe.

So I'm reading an amusing essay at sci-fi site io9 about how Sex and the City 2 is actually a science fiction movie, and they post this image:

They're witches! Fashionably dressed witches!

Does that look like a witches' fashion show or what? I can totally see Alex's sisters dressing up like that for a night out on the town.

Almost makes me want to see the movie.

Okay, not really. But I'll bet the filmmakers for DH could get a lot of inspiration from it!

Not Alexandra's sisters
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