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AQATWW: The Grind

Alex & David
Actual dialog excerpted from the first draft of AQATWW.

I have reached The Grind. That's where my progress keeps stalling because I have a bunch of unresolved plot holes that need to be filled in, and I've already written chapters I know will have to be rewritten, and what I should do is just keep writing, but instead I keep grinding my gears trying to work out a resolution all the way to the end.

I always end up here, and I really wish I was a super-methodical outliner who can lay out my story from beginning to end and then just get there

I've been trying out Scapple. I've never been a big fan of mind-maps, but for actually jotting down all my loose thoughts, dangling plot threads, questions that need to be answered, connections that need to be made, etc., it's sort of nifty. We'll see how much it actually helps.

Scapple for AQATWW

Right now, AQATWW is up to 40 chapters (outlined, not written), and I have written about 95K words (but that includes extraneous material, notes, and bits of book seven).

On the POD front, the artist I originally commissioned for a cover become too busy, so I am working out details with a new artist.

And Ankkes posted fan art of Alex and Larry on the AQ subreddit.

Alex and Larry, by Ankhes

This is so Alex and Larry.
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