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Looking for nitpicky layout and design geeks for Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle POD printing

As I have posted previously, I intend to print trade paperback editions of my Alexandra Quick novels - not for sale. I will be giving them exclusively to friends, family, my beta-readers, etc.

Eventually, I'll be doing this for all the books, but right now, I'm just preparing for a trial print run of Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle.

I've got a semifinal draft of the PDF I'll be using for the POD service. Do you want access to it so you can print your own copies? A number of people have asked for this. I may or may not make it publicly available in the future, but if you want early access and you are a super-nitpicky proofreader, preferably with some knowledge of layout and design, font selection, etc., here is your opportunity.


Basically, I want people to go over the layout with a fine-toothed comb to find any tiny little mistakes I might have made. A missing line break between paragraphs. A first-in-the-section paragraph that wasn't indented. A page number that got left off somewhere, or maybe the little icons in the corner margins got missed in one chapter. Are the pictures too large, too small? How does the font I used for Abraham Thorn's letter to Alexandra look? (I don't like the current one. I haven't found the perfect font yet.) Also, proofreading and comments on the frontmatter (disclaimer, dedication, etc.) and Author's Notes. Basically, any nitpicky thing that will make it look as much like a professionally-printed book as possible.

I am not looking for proofreading of the book itself. I mean, if you actually find a typo, I would definitely like to correct those, but otherwise, I am absolutely not revising the text. This is just layout and design. If you know your fonts and have an eye for whitespace and can do the boring gruntwork of going over every page looking for oopses, let me know. Your reward will be an advance copy of the final POD document, whether or not I make it publicly available in the future. (I'd like to offer an actual printed copy of the book, but I can only afford to print and give out so many of those. However, if you have the document, you can use your choice of POD printers to print your own.)

If you would like to be considered, please send me an email at at gmail dot com. Let me know what your qualifications are (basically, something besides "I really want a copy!") Those I select will be given a link to the PDF. Those who actually send useful comments and corrections will get a copy of the final, including the cover (which I don't have yet).
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