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Alexandra Quick Audiobook Project

Alexandra Quick Audiobook Project

Here's a cool thing: Sam Gabriel is producing a professional-quality audiobook for Alexandra Quick. He's starting with Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle, and posting weekly updates via podcast.

As a big listener of audiobooks, I appreciate how much work goes into producing a professional narration. Sam emails me about things I never thought about while writing the story (like "Alexandra said all that in one breath? Really???"), or which I never thought about impacting the reading of it, and has done more research than I did into the pronunciation of Anna's Editing Ink Charm. (Apparently it is 鱼摸水牛站).

Listening to the first few chapters also makes it really apparent what some of my early writing flaws were. ("Said...said...Alexandra...Alexandra...said...Alexandra...said...said...said...Alexandra...Alexandra...said...said...") A lot of writers recommend you read your own writing out loud, especially your dialog, and now I can see why.

You can find the AQ podcast on Apple and Spotify, and the RSS feed is

Note that Sam is doing this completely independently of me; he did ask for my permission, and I have been more than willing to answer his questions and encourage his efforts, but it's his baby entirely.
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