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Alexandra Quick: Errors, Quickipedia, and Fan Art

AQATWA is underway, with a twice-a-week posting schedule working well for me.

I am amazed how active the r/AlexandraQuick subreddit is. I try to follow every thread, but since there is no way (that I know of) to automatically see all the new posts since you last visited (I know you can sort individual threads by "New" but that sorting function doesn't actually seem to work well), you can assume that I am generally aware of all the discussions there, but I won't necessarily see every comment.

Inevitably, a couple of errors and typos have already been discovered. The best way to bring these to my attention is to message me directly or comment on my LJ posts. I may or may not see them when posted in the subreddit. And yes, generally I'll correct any typos and other errors that are pointed out to me. (I revised chapter three slightly after it was pointed out that Alexandra actually saw Mr. Raspire at the end of Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below — a small continuity error that somehow the author and three betas all missed.) I don't know what I'll do if someone discovers a huge mistake that would require significant rewriting to fix ("Oh yeah, he's dead...."); we'll see if it comes to that. But even if not every correction makes it into previously posted chapters, I will continue editing my actual manuscript, so the final ebook version (which I will upload eventually, after the entire story has been posted) will reflect all corrections.

Now, I have a favor to ask of my nitpicky and detail-oriented fans. As some of you know, there is a Quickipedia on Fandom Wiki. I did not create it, nor do I maintain or edit it. However, it's a very useful resource for both fans (who can look up things they have forgotten from previous books), and occasionally, me. Of course I have my own private wiki and backed up set of notes for all AQ-related facts, but I admit I've occasionally hit the Quickipedia myself to remind myself of someone's middle name or something. (For various uninteresting technical reasons, it's sometimes easier for me to search it than my private notes.) So, if you have the time and the inclination, please feel free to update it.

Warning: Because Quickipedia is a public wiki, and there is no real administrator, don't assume everything there is accurate. People sometimes post inaccurate information, and now and then it is visited by bored trolls. So it should not be regarded as "official" canonical information. But generally it's a pretty good resource.

Finally, some fan art. evolutionista on reddit drew this beautiful picture of Anna's owl, Jingwei (who will make an appearance or two in AQATWA).

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