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AQATWA: "Inverarity also got a few more years on his back now"

Sigh. Yes, yes I do.

Besides speculating about my age, the folks on the AQ subreddit have produced some more fanworks.

First, more awesome illustrations by Amnevitah:

Abraham Thorn redo
by Amnevitah on DeviantArt

Alex and Charlie
by Amnevitah on DeviantArt

Second, veyatie has recorded Chapter One of Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle:

Alexandra Quick Fan Reading -- Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle, Chapter One

As someone who listens to a lot of audiobooks, this was quite a treat.

I can only hope after all this anticipation and excitement, AQATWA lives up to expectations.

Yeah, yeah, but how close to done are you?!

Well, I thought I had a mostly final draft, just needed some polish, some judicious cuts, proper editing, maybe a few tweaks here and there...

In fact, the rewriting of this draft has been more extensive than any of my previous books. It has been a grueling process for myself, and my betas, as I've gone back and forth on several plot points, and written multiple alternate versions for certain portions of the story. None of my previous AQ books had so many chapters written and rewritten. It's been a lot of work, and many, many darlings have been murdered. And ironically, after all my efforts to trim unnecessary and bloated chapters, the result has been a larger draft, thanks to several inserted and expanded scenes. More scenes may yet be cut, added, and rewritten, but for those who track these things, the current manuscript size is 287K words — yes, that's up by about 7000 words (two whole chapters!) since last progress report.

I am still hoping to finish the final draft and start posting by the end of the summer. That is, again, not a promise, but I still consider it quite doable and I think I'll get there. Fingers crossed.
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