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A Possible Appendix to AQATDR

Most writers, when worldbuilding, create lots of details for their world and characters that aren't strictly relevant to the story. Good writers know not to include anything that isn't strictly relevant. I'm probably only a mediocre writer in that regard, since I tend to include extraneous details that could be chopped, as I've discussed previously. However, there is a lot of backstory in Alexandra Quick that's just there, in my head or scribbled in my notes, but which really serves no useful purpose other than to flesh out details in my mind.

The Black Family Tree is, of course, one of the most popular "extras" Rowling has given fans, containing lots of non-book information.

I downloaded the Family Tree Builder, and it proved addictive. (I now have family trees for several other characters for whom you'll never have any reason to care about the names of their grandparents.) I tried out several similar tools, and this one was the easiest (free) one, so I recommend it to writers who want to create family trees for their characters.

I hereby present the (edited -- sorry, some details can't be revealed yet) Thorn family tree. Yes, some of it is quite relevant to Alexandra's story. Most of these names will probably never be mentioned in the books, though.

AQATDR progress report:

I am approaching the climax and sometimes have spurts of productivity for several hours at a time. Unfortunately, this can't continue (there are other things I really should be doing besides writing fan fiction), but I can feel myself nearing the end in the not-too-distant-but-I'm-still-unwilling-to-commit-to-an-ETA-future. Also, while I've been churning out a lot of words the past few days, some of it is probably going to need to be majorly rewritten. So far my betas haven't found anything to blow a hole in my story, but they've only read the first few chapters.

So, the word count now stands at 160K, at chapter 24. I am expecting (which means, that's what I've got very loosely outlined) to wrap up the story in five more chapters, but you know how that goes. Twenty-nine chapters -- maybe, but I won't be surprised if a few more chapters insert themselves.
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