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Book Review: Japanese Destroyer Captain, by Tameichi Hara

The war memoirs of Japan's "Unsinkable Captain"

Japanese Destroyer Captain

Naval Institute Press, 1961, 310 pages

This highly regarded war memoir was a best seller in both Japan and the United States during the 1960s and has long been treasured by historians for its insights into the Japanese side of the surface war in the Pacific. The author was a survivor of more than one hundred sorties against the Allies and was known throughout Japan as the Unsinkable Captain.

A hero to his countrymen, Capt. Hara exemplified the best in Japanese surface commanders: highly skilled, hard driving, and aggressive. Moreover, he maintained a code of honor worthy of his samurai grandfather, and, as readers of this book have come to appreciate, he was as free with praise for American courage and resourcefulness as he was critical of himself and his senior commanders.

An action-packed, if rather apolitical, memoir by one of Japan's greatest naval captains.Collapse )

Verdict: Japanese Destroyer Captain is a great book for any World War II aficionado, full of tense and exciting battles and an honest Japanese perspective on the war in the Pacific. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in WWI or naval combat. 9/10.

I particularly enjoyed it in anticipation of playing the second edition of Empire of the Sun.

Empire of the Sun

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