Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

A small present for you

I have created nicely formatted PDFs of all my books, complete with Tables of Contents and illustrations.

These versions are also more up-to-date in terms of editing. I keep a master copy of all of my stories, where I still fix typos and other errors I might come across. I try to fix the posted versions as well, but since they are posted in chapter format on several different archives, the latest corrections may not be reflected in every online version.

Additionally, Michael Lutz has provided me with eBook versions of Hogwarts Houses Divided, optimized for reading on small screens.

(If I get that Sony PRS-600 I've been thinking about, I may start tinkering more with eBook formats for all of my stories.)

Download here. I'd like to request that rather than distributing copies of the files, you distribute the link instead. The reason for this is that I will continue to upload revisions, if I discover more errors (and if I receive more fan art to include as illustrations), so I'd prefer that people be directed to download the most current version.

Happy Holidays!
Tags: alexandra quick, hogwarts houses divided

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