Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

I'm not a number!

Many thanks to ebilgatoloco, who sent me a Dreamwidth invite (thanks to hermoinejean7 for sending me one, too).

You can find it here. Right now it's just an out-of-date clone of this LJ; I will let you know when and if I add more to it.

But hey, notice something else? Well, hopefully you do, if LiveJournal didn't lie to me. If they did, then you aren't reading this at all.

Yup, I went ahead and bought a rename token. I am inverarity68 no longer; now I'm just plain old inverarity.

If I understood the FAQ correctly, f-lists and everything should have been automatically updated, and people going to the old link will be redirected here.

Umm, hello? Anyone there? Can you seeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee?
Tags: admin stuff

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