Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQ fanfic - Worry, by Agogobell

AQ fan agogobell has written an Alexandra Quick fan fic called Worry.

Their freshman year at Charmbridge is over, and Alex has been expelled. Anna is nonfunctional in Little Wuyi, and probably depressed.

It takes place between the end of book four and the beginning of book five, and is basically an examination of Anna's mental state, which I found quite true to the character. Something to tide you all over while I (slooooooowly) work on AQATWA.

Thank you, agogobell! It is so cool when people write fanfic of my fanfic. :)

(Also - I am sorry I did not respond sooner! LJ spam-filtered your PMs because they contained external links. In the future - this applies to everyone, actually - you'll get a faster response from me if you email me at inverarity dot author at gmail dot com, rather than using LJ PMs, which I only check occasionally.)
Tags: alexandra quick, fan fiction

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