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AQATWA: Actually opening the page helps

So I have a confession to make: my writing output for the past few months has been... slim. Minimal. One might even say, practically zero.

I've spent lots of time thinking about writing, but not a lot of writing has actually happened.

There have been reasons for that, some good, some bad, but reasons don't get words on the page. And I've been missing the writing and yes, I do want to finish the damn book! As well as other things.

So anyway, I wrote 1400 words tonight and finished Chapter 28. This is going to need some serious, serious rewriting and editing when I finish, but I remembered where I was going and now I'm just taking off in that direction and trying not to let the hobgoblins that demand revision and polish slow me down.

So, current word count is 145,096. We're back...

And here's some morale-boosting fan art.

David Washington
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

by cactusfantastico on deviantART
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