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AQATWA: A title and not much else, plus copyright infringement!

Yes, I kind of suck right now. No progress to report.

Really, I'm going to finish AQATWA. Honest. I haven't lost interest or motivation. Just... temporarily suffering from a lack of writing mojo. That's why the lack of AQ posts lately.

The book is maybe not quite half done, I just need to get moving again on the second half.

So as a reward for your patience (those of you still following my LJ), I will stop teasing you with the title. The title of AQ book five is Alexandra Quick and the World Away.

Still aiming to finish by the end of (this) year. Which will happen. If I can start writing again...

In other news, I received a stern email from, which is where I hosted my ebook downloads, claiming they had received a "complaint" about "copyright infringement."

I doubt J.K. Rowling and her lawyers are sending C&D orders to hosting sites, so either just started cracking down on fan fiction, or someone out there doesn't like me. Boo.

I'll try to find another hosting site with fanfic-friendly TOS soonish.
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