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Alexandra Quick and the Dissecting Reviewer

Actually, the amusement value has worn out. Expect me to announce the real title of AQATDR pretty soon. :)

As I mentioned previously, my friend Miles2go has been posting very thoughtful critiques of my Alexandra Quick novels. He just finished reviewing Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below. So you can now read his chapter-by-chapter dissection of both AQATTC and AQATLB.

I'd be interested in what other readers think about his observations. (And lest you think I'm soliciting ego-soothing affirmation, I agree with about 95% of his criticisms; the few things I didn't agree with were largely matters of style and personal preference.) Everything he pointed out will be things I'll be paying close attention to going forward.

While I am obviously not writing fan fiction novels with the intention of trying to get them published, I generally write as if I were. That is, I strive for a professional standard in my writing, even if it is "just fan fiction." Which means when someone points out "This would get your manuscript canned," I take it seriously, even if it's something you can get away with in fan fiction.

I'll still probably wind up indulging myself a bit more than I could afford to in a submitted manuscript when it comes to word count. Writing fan fiction is also supposed to be fun –- so some stuff I may leave in just because I can.

And on a completely unrelated note: you have no idea how much I want to go off on a profane ranty rant about certain Harry Potter fans who hate Harry Potter. No, really, I feel like Roger Rabbit listening to Judge Doom rapping out “shave and a haircut.” I need to lurk less and write more.

Okay, that was slightly therapeutic.
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