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But they only need to sell one...

Omas Limited Edition Phoenix Plated Fountain Pen With Diamonds

Phoenix Pen

The enamel Phoenix, elegant and proud, which dominates the reservoir of the Omas fountain pen "The Trip of the Phoenix" copies this faithfully. The body of the pen too, which comes in four versions, offers four of these colours. However, the metal for the finishings changes: the yellow enamel is combined with platinum, the red with gold, the blue, silver, and the white, bronze. On the top there is a beautiful jade of an intense green which recalls the green of the plumage. The highly original clip is inspired by movement and harmony. The Phoenix flies from Greece to China, from the Parthenon skilfully reproduced on the cap, to the Summer Palace, symbolically miniaturized on the nib, bringing together for the Olympics two great civilisations whose influence has been fundamental to the development of humanity. Though geographically distant, they have both given the world wisdom, philosophy, art and innovation. This small masterpiece comes in a precious wood case, and its production has been entrusted, as always, to craftsmen and artists with unquestioned experience over many long years.

"FREE SHIPPING"? For that price, a phoenix had better fly straight to my fucking house to deliver this pen personally.

As usual, the reviews are the best part.
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