Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQATWA: Things to do on a snow day

You'd think I'd get more writing done on a snow day. I suck.

I am up to 140K words now, which those of you who are counting will realize is only 2000 words in the last three weeks. Yes, I suck.

Okay, it's one of those mushy middle transitory chapters where I am not sure how to push through and make interesting things happen without being boring along the way. But I seem to have made progress in the last couple of days; as usual, it comes from deviating from my weak-ass outline and writing dialog as I go along and realizing a new subplot has emerged.

Alexandra has been trying to be good. But now she's back to saying "Fuck it, Ima do what I want."

The more interesting things always seem to happen when Alexandra is off her leash. Go figure.

So, we have an awesome new illustration by cactuscommando — Alexandra, if she lives to be 20:

Visiting Home
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

And two more character illustrations:

Innocence Pritchard
by cactusfantastico on deviantART

Mary Shirtliffe
by cactusfantastico on deviantART
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatwa, fan art

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