Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

AQATWA: New Year's resolution

To finish this damn book. And some OF on the side.

27 chapters and 138K words so far. The pieces are actually kind of fitting together now — at least I kind of know where I'm going — but individual chapters are big messes of dialog and characters muddling about. I've introduced a bunch of new characters who are kind of interesting (to me) but have no real long-term utility, and meanwhile I don't know how to keep Alexandra's friends from spending most of the book sidelined.

But thank you to everyone who is still reading and still waiting for me to finish this project. My "fanbase" is small even by fan fiction standards and insignificant compared to that of a real author, but the occasional reviews and comments and people arguing over whether or not Diana Grimm is evil are enough to keep me going. Yes, I admit it, I probably wouldn't continue if I were writing only for myself. I don't need to be famous, I don't need to be a BNF, but I do need an audience. So thank you.

2013 was not a terrible year for me, but I've had better. I get the impression that's true for a lot of folks. So may 2014 be better for all. Even Diana Grimm.

Diana Grimm
by ~cactusfantastico on deviantART
Tags: alexandra quick, aqatwa, fan art, writing

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