Inverarity (inverarity) wrote,

LJ Social Capital? What is this silliness?

Apparently Live Journal has now implemented something called "Social Capital."

Most of you peons have a Social Capital of "less than 10", but it seems I am a very important dude:

Social Capital

I don't even know how this is scored. I don't have that many Friends. Maybe because I am a mod of bookish and books1001?

So lest that ranking of 22 give me a swelled head (it seems to fluctuate between 21 and 23), world-famous author Nick Mamatas (aka nihilistic_kid) has a Social Capital of 122. And some Russian account I've never heard of who visited my journal the other day had a Social Capital of 243.

I mean, apparently you can spend money and Social Capital to get your posts front-paged on LJ or something? LOL, c'mon folks, everyone knows LJ is dying anyway. Except maybe in Russia. Who cares about LJ User Ranking?

Now Amazon or Goodreads reviewer ranking, that's srs bznss!
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