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Alexandra Quick: Possibly the Best Bitchy and Annoying Female OC on MNFF

So, Alexandra Quick been nominated for a Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Original Female OC on Mugglenet Fan Fiction. (Also, Maximilian was nominated for Best Original Male OC, Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below was nominated for Best General Story, Hogwarts Houses Divided was nominated for Best Post-Hogwarts Story, and Christmas In Amber was nominated for Best Historical Story.)

Obviously, I'm quite flattered, especially since Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle won the QSQ for Best General Story last year. However, the purpose of this post is not to brag, but to solicit opinions. The moderator of the Best Original Female OC committee asked me to provide "the three chapters you feel best define and showcase Alexandra as a character."

Hmm. Well, I have my own ideas, but I'd like to know which chapters you readers might recommend as ones which "defined and showcased Alexandra as a character."

Mister Remy thinks Alexandra is bitchy and annoyingMister Remy thinks Alexandra is bitchy and annoying,

I'm honestly torn about which award I'd most like to receive. (By the rules of the QSQ, you can only receive one award, even if you're nominated in multiple categories. Of course, there is no guarantee I'll win in any category.) I'd be thrilled to win Best General Story two years in a row, but I suspect the committee won't want to give AQATLB that award precisely because AQATTC won last year. So between Alexandra winning Best Original Female OC, or Hogwarts Houses Divided winning in its category... I don't know.

(Max winning Best Original Male OC would be cool, but I think it's unlikely because he's not really a main character. And Christmas in Amber, while I'm certainly glad it's being considered, was a short story I wrote quickly for a gift exchange, so I'd be very surprised if it beats out the full-length stories it's competing with.)

Posthumously nominated for a QSQ Award
Posthumously nominated for a QSQ Award
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