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AQATWA: Alexandra did a bad, bad thing

To celebrate finally finishing Part One of AQATWA, have a wordle. With most of the fragments and contractions filtered out this time.

wordle AQATWA 122k

I had a fairly productive weekend. I have finished 24 chapters and 122K words. Alexandra has finally left the Ozarks, and her summer is almost over.

The most recent chapter is about 8000 words, and most of it dialog. So... yeah, might need some editing. :P

Progress in Original Fiction projects has not been going as well, because I can't settle on what I am actually going to write next, and I keep feeling driven to finish one thing at a time.

Anyway, I am officially declaring that AQATWA will definitely not be finished by the end of the year. Not a chance. Sorry. I was rather proud of keeping up my book a year schedule, even with side projects like the SF novel, but that just ain't happening this year. I now know that with serious dedication I can actually write two books in a year, and with moderate dedication I can write one book a year. Unfortunately, this year my dedication has been somewhat on the half-assed end of "moderate" and I was finishing my SF novel at the same time. And I really want to get going on something else maybe-publishable so I don't feel quite so silly about putting all of my writing energy into fan fiction.

However, rest assured, progress shall continue to be made.
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