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AQATWA: Where is Alexandra?

Ozark highlands

Ozark hills

Ozark river

Isn't it beautiful? Aren't you glad she's having a nice, peaceful vacation?

So, I've hit 95K words, and I am at that "All over the place" place where I realize I have littered this draft with plot seeds and unexplained occurrences and hints of things I am not quite sure yet what I am hinting at.

Like, what about the basswood wand? I can't decide if it's staying in the plot or not. There are chapters where Alexandra has it, and chapters where it has simply disappeared. Obviously this needs to be fixed in revision. Along with the Hide-Behind. Which is kind of cool to include but right now does nothing. And there's sure an awful lot of hiking in the woods - who do you think you are, Alex, Frodo?

Those who have complained about Alexandra persistently being a loner will not find this tendency altered much, at least in the first part of the book. This is probably one of the greatest departures from the source material, and one of the things readers complain about. As much as I try to include Alexandra's friends, she will just keep insisting on doing things by herself. I've been thinking about whether and how to bring her friends along for the ride, but for now, she's on her own — again. So I have never quite captured the group dynamic that Harry had with his friends.

From a storytelling point of view, this doesn't bother me that much, because Alexandra is my character and she is more closed off and isolated than Harry. You might even say she's a bit pathological about it. As much as she loves her friends, she's got some fierce walls up and that means where Harry would say "Hey Ron, Hermione, let's go do this," Alexandra says "Hey Anna, David, Constance, Forbearance, I'll see you later. Oh, nothing really, don't worry about it." She only lets them in when they beat down the door and force her to let them help.

However, this means I have somewhat neglected the "supporting cast" and really need to build those ties so that when the shit rain truly begins to fall, it will be believable that they will all stick together through hell and high water. I don't know if I will actually be able to do this. It may be that Alexandra winds up standing alone in the end after all.
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