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Book Reviews: Little Fuzzy/Fuzzy Sapiens/Fuzzy Nation (H. Beam Piper & John Scalzi)

The original classic sci-fi novels and the modern fanfic rewrite "reimagining"

The Fuzzy Papers

Fuzzies predate Furries, thank gawdz.Collapse )

Verdict: H. Beam Piper's Fuzzy novels and John Scalzi's rewrite are complementary works. I suppose some might strongly prefer one over the other, but I found them to be equally good, each entertaining in a slightly different way, and worth reading without worrying that one will "spoil" the other. It's not exactly hard SF, but it's got a smattering of science in an optimistic, slightly retro universe. Not deep, but definitely fun reads.

Also by John Scalzi: My reviews of The Android's Dream, The God Engines, and Agent to the Stars.

My complete list of book reviews.
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