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AQATWA: Recklessly writing

I've mentioned before I usually have a very rough outline and then make up a lot of the details as I go along. Right now I just don't know exactly where I am going or how I'm going to get to the scenes I really want to write. So I'm doing a lot of "pantsing" (as in "seat of"). Which means Alexandra is just kind of... running around doing reckless things and occasionally I drop her off a cliff. So to speak.

On the one hand, I'm amused by the some of the dialog and the scenes. On the other hand, when you are overly amused by your own writing, it probably needs to get chopped.

This book is... I don't know, just going so slowly. I assure you, it's not waning enthusiasm or anything like that. (Though I have been distracted by the SF novel which I am actually going to start querying soon really, and the thought that I really should start working on another OF novel.) I've just not been able to muster much writing discipline, the kind that keeps me sitting in front of the keyboard for a few hours, long enough to knock off a few thousand words at a time.

Partly this is because of Real Life blahblahblah, but partly it's just a distressingly deficient attention span I've been suffering lately. The Internet is seriously becoming the enemy of my getting any writing done.

Lately I've been forcing myself, no matter how late I get home or how much I've been faffing about all day getting nothing much done, to open up AQATWA and write at least a few more paragraphs, every day. So slow progress is being made. But I definitely need to get back into some kind of writing rhythm, or frankly, this manuscript will not be done this year.

Also, it's still looking like it's gonna be a big one, since I am currently at 82,000 words, Chapter 18, and still in Act One.
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