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HBP, AQATDR, and Smut

I'm kidding about the smut. Sorry.

First, in the “Inverarity is Depraved and Contributing to the Moral Degeneracy of HP Fandom” Department, my fic, Anger, won Best Angst and Runner-Up for Favorite Harry in the PPHP Fic Exchange.

Yes, it's NC-17, though really, it's more of a hard R, and only at the very end. It's not a smut fic, because to tell you the truth, I find smut fics pointless. And honestly, this story is something I wrote very quickly and didn't have betaed at all (even though the rules of the exchange said I was supposed to), so I thought it was kind of crap, but hey, it's Angsty!

All right, here's the real HBP and AQATDR commentary, such as it is.

There are only about a million reviews of the HBP movie already out there and most of them picked up on the same things I did, but on the off-chance anyone cares about my reaction to the movie, here are some random observations in random order:

  • It was one of my favorite HP movies, for one of my least favorite HP books. Conversely, OotP was one of my favorite books in the series, but I didn't like the movie much.

  • Alan Rickman turns in a good performance, as usual, but he's showing his age. Seriously, SevGirls, he's 63!

  • I recently rewatched the first two movies on cable, and I'd forgotten how bad the kids' acting was at first. Tom Felton and Emma Watson have become much better actors. (Daniel Radliffe, on the other hand, only seems to have one or two facial expressions, and Rupert Grint is a decent comic actor, which is a good thing since Ron's sole purpose in the movies is comic relief.)

  • Like everyone else, I was all WTF? at replacing the Dursleys with some random waitress hitting on Harry. I guess they wanted to show that Harry is now an Action Hero with Sex Appeal. Or Richard Griffiths was asking for too much money.

  • The attack on the Burrow – yes, it seemed like kind of a pointless insertion, plot-wise, since all it accomplished from the Death Eaters' point of view was let them engage in some more Bwahahahaha! We're eeeevil! posturing. However, it did serve one very important purpose, and here is where I think the movie was better than the book: we see Ginny running after Harry and then standing and fighting alongside him. Granted, it wasn't a very bright move, but then, Harry was being a chump to begin with. (“Neener, neener, Boy Who Lived, come follow us into a ridiculously obvious ambush, 'cause you're Just That Stupid.”) But it made Ginny a more impressive and worthy character than she managed to be in the book, and it made Harry and Ginny's relationship a smidgen more believable. I just hope they let her kick more ass in the DH movie than she did in the book.

  • Gollum-Inferis. No, bad.

  • The ending – good and bad. Snape's shushing Harry and then AKing Dumbledore was another brilliant improvement on the book. But Snape's “big reveal” at the end (“Oh, by the way, I'm the Half-Blood Prince”) was a ridiculous afterthought, and makes no sense if you haven't read the book.

  • And finally, WTF was up with that final scene, with Harry and Hermione all but riding off into the sunset together, while Ron sits lamely in the background waving at them, with “Third Wheel” practically tattooed across his forehead? Actually, the whole movie felt like David Yates is a serious H/Hr shipper. I can see people who haven't read the books being really confused by the end of DH...

As for AQATDR (No, it is not “Alexandra Quick and the Dainty Ruffles” – nor is it “Alexandra Quick and The Doctor,” though that would be highly amusing), I've written more in the past week than I have in the previous month. Sometimes I have long stretches when I can write and write, and other times I hit a speed-bump, either because I'm tired and busy, or because there is some plot hole or sequence of events that isn't quite fitting together, and I have to mull it over for a while until I can write my way out of it. In the meantime I mostly just go back and rewrite what I've already written.

Lastly, if you really want teasers... sorry, you'll have to settle for some comparative statistics, 'cause I'm just that geeky and lame.

When does Alexandra arrive at Charmbridge Academy?

AQATTC: Page 70

AQATLB: Page 23

AQATDR: Page 39

When does Anna first appear?

AQATTC: Chapter 5

AQATLB: Chapter 3

AQATDR: Chapter 1

How long does it take Alexandra to wind up in the Dean's Office?

AQATTC: 9 chapters

AQATLB: 5 chapters

AQATDR: 5 chapters

And that's all for now.
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