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This was going to be a post about HBP and AQATDR, But LJ ate it

Seriously. WTF? The Whole. Damn. Post. disappeared when I switched from Rich Text to HTML view, and neither Undo nor Paste nor the back-button would retrieve it.


(Anyone inclined to tell me, in that smug like-you've-never-done-the-same-thing-before tone, "You should have written it in a text editor and then copy & pasted it into LJ," can bite me.)

Okay, the (much) shorter version: I liked the HBP movie, though not all of it, and AQATDR is still coming along slowly but steadily. (And I really wasn't planning to be such a tease about the title, but the guesses are entertaining. And no, none of them are correct. ;) )

Maybe I'll try recreating my post after I am no longer in a mood to shot-put my laptop.
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