October 25th, 2020


Book Review: Paperbacks from Hell, by Grady Hendrix

A beautiful survey of horror literature (using that term loosely) and those fantastic fucking covers from the 70s and 80s.

Paperbacks from Hell

Quirk Books, Inc., 2017, 254 pages

Written in dead letters... and covered in blood!

Demonic possession! Haunted condominiums! Murderous babies! Man-eating moths! No plot was too ludicrous, no cover art too appalling, no evil too despicable for the Paperbacks From Hell.

Where did they come from? Where did they go? Horror author Grady Hendrix risks his soul and sanity (not to mention yours) to relate the true, untold story of the Paperbacks From Hell.

Shocking story summaries! Incredible cover art! And true tales of writers, artists, and publishers who violated every literary law but one: never be boring. All this awaits, if you dare experience the Paperbacks From Hell.

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