December 8th, 2019


Book Review: Black Swan Rising, by Lisa Brackmann

A Congressional race turns violent, thanks to a comic book-inspired #TrueMen movement.

Black Swan Rising

Midnight Ink, 2018, 421 pages

Sarah Price wants a career in politics. But she has a secret past that won't stay past, threatening her job on a San Diego congressman's reelection campaign.

Casey Cheng wants a story. An ambitious local television reporter, Casey needs to get her career back on track after being seriously injured in a mass shooting. When she investigates the man who nearly killed her, she finds a connection to a group of online harassers called #TrueMen - and realizes her shooter may not be the only killer they have inspired.

Casey's investigation and Sarah's secret put them both in the crosshairs of a hate group that targets anyone they've deemed to be against their cause, including Sarah's boss, the congressman. Now Sarah and Casey have a choice to make - do they hide? Or do they fight back?

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