December 5th, 2019


Book Review: Junk, by Les Bohem

Alien DNA turns humans into invaders; the resistance is led by...witches.


Audible Studios, 2019, pages

In present day Los Angeles, the alien takeover has begun—but there’s no spaceship and no little green men. Rather, an epic conspiracy is slowly coming to fruition. Thousands of years ago, beings infiltrated our society, bred with humans, then died—leaving an untraceable, inexplicable anomaly in our DNA. Now that genetic code has activated, and chaos has erupted.

But private investigator Tom Lombard has his own chaos to face. His personal life is falling apart, and he just found his latest “missing person” dead in a dumpster. Suddenly he’s being chased by a woman with silver hair and two black-eyed goons with unnatural abilities. And what’s with all these people in masks—and the crazy girl ranting on the internet about the end of the world? Is humanity’s only hope a weird band of eccentrics and one down-on-his-luck, disgraced ex-cop badly in need of a win?

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