April 29th, 2018


Book Review: Dream Houses, by Genevieve Valentine

So, you wake up aboard a spaceship, all your fellow crew members are dead, and you don't have enough food. And the ship's computer is acting creepy.

Dream Houses

WSFA Press, 2014, 127 pages

It takes a certain type to crew a ship that drops you seven years at a time into the Deep. Kite-class cargo ships like Menkalinan get burned-out veterans, techs who’ve been warned off-planet, medics who weren’t much good on the ground. The Gliese-D run isn’t quite the end of the line, but it’s getting there. No cachet, no rewards, no future; their trading posts get Kites full of cargo that the crew never ask questions about, because if it’s headed for Gliese-D, it’s probably something nobody wanted.

A year into the Deep, Amadis Reyes wakes up. Menkalinan is sounding the alarm; something’s wrong. The rest of the crew are dead.

That’s not even what’s wrong.

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