April 5th, 2017


Book Review: Hidden River, by Adrian McKinty

A heroin addict ex-cop from Belfast goes to solve the murder of an Indian-Irish girl in Denver.

Hidden River

Scribner, 2004, 288 pages

Alexander Lawson is a former detective for Northern Ireland's police force. After a disastrous six-month stint in the drug squad, he became addicted to heroin and resigned in disgrace. Now 24, sickly, and on the dole, Alex learns that his high-school love, Victoria Patawasti, has been murdered in America. Victoria's wealthy family sends Alex to Colorado to investigate the case, and he seizes the opportunity for a chance at redemption.

But things don't go as planned. Plagued by a heroin habit, forced to go on the run after the only credible witness to Victoria's murder is accidentally killed, wanted by both the Colorado cops and the Ulster police, Alex struggles just to stay alive.

Gritty, with spot-on dialogue and black humor, Hidden River is a dynamic thriller.

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