August 18th, 2013


Fire in the Hole!

Eventually you just have to do it. The feedback from the last couple rounds of critiques has been consistently "This is good enough to be published but you should change this one or two things..." And you know, there will always be that one or two things. And every beta will find a new one or two things. Looking at how many full MS critiques I've gotten now, it's time to stop doing this in the misguided quest for a unanimous consensus that it's perfect in every way.

So, I have started submitting. I sent five queries for my SF novel tonight.

And immediately realized that in one of those five queries, I misspelled the agent's name!!!

Shoot me now

Anyway, I will probably send a few more this week, then wait and see what happens. I have a fairly long list of agents to submit to, and the usual advice is to submit to 6-10 at a time and see how many bites you get. If you get no requests for partial or full manuscripts, your query ain't working and it's time to go back to the drawing board.