August 7th, 2013


Covers to make me wish I could self-publish, and a "Hogwarts Houses Divided" sequel (but not by me)

So, as those of you who laugh at my Poser art know, I suck at graphic design. For example, the art I had done for Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above is lovely, but the font I smeared across it for the title really does not work. I can tell by looking at it that it's poor design — I just don't have any design skills.

Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above

Compare with the cover that Pierre Raveneau (asahisuperdry on DeviantArt) made for me:

Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle

Much cleaner and crisper. It would be great for a PDF or print copy, though perhaps a little too dark for the small, high-contrast images favored nowadays by ebook publishers.

Now, check these out, sent to me by cactuscommando. They are perfect for ebook covers. If I were actually "publishing" the Alexandra Quick books, these would look great online.

Alexandra Quick and the Thorn CircleAlexandra Quick and the Lands BelowAlexandra Quick and the Deathly RegimentAlexandra Quick and the Stars Above

Thanks, cactuscommando! When I get around to releasing a new version of the ebooks, I may use these as the ebook thumbnails, with the original cover art as title plates.

Finally, people have been asking me for years to do a sequel to Hogwarts Houses Divided, and I've been saying "Yeah, yeah, someday." Well, don't get your hopes up — "someday" is still lost in the fog of an uncertain future. However, tmonacelli has written his own fanfic of my fanfic, and you can find it here: Teddy Lupin and the Philosopher's Stone. Enjoy!