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Ruminations on Shipping, In Which I Reveal My Favorite Crack!Pair

I greatly appreciate all the comments on what I did and didn't get wrong with Alexandra Quick. Most of you agree that I write too much (though many of you don't seem to mind). I'm almost of a mind to take the advice some of you gave me and forget trying to trim the fat. This is fan fiction, after all!

But I would rather not have too much meandering prose. (Already I have written some parts of Book Three that are going to cause some people to say, "Gee, that's an awful lot of dialog without a whole lot happening." How much of it survives into the final draft, we shall see.) Unfortunately, you people aren't much help when it comes to telling me what I should cut. :P Some of you love all the extra detail about Wizarding America, and some would rather I not spend so much time on description. Some of you could do without the adolescent hijinx subplots, while some of you seem to be looking forward for the shipping to start.

(I base this in more than just my public LJ, comments, btw.)

Anyway, this isn't really a poll -- I am not going to alter what I write based on what seems to be most "popular." But I do keep your feedback on my writing in general in mind, as I'm trying to craft the best story I can.

So, speaking of shipping and my writing -- I've made no secret, in the various forums I frequent, of my general disdain for "shipping." Not that I object to including a little romance in a story, but the whole notion of arbitrarily pairing character A with character B (especially if character A and B had little or no interaction in canon, or worse, hated each other) just strikes me as silly, for the most part.

But, I must admit, there is one HP pairing that just amuses me. It's totally a crack!pairing, because it would never happen, but when people ask me who my OTP is, I usually give them, as my smart-ass answer, Harry and Pansy.

Yes, I admit it -- in the books, she's vapid, unpleasant, unattractive, and just generally unlikeable, but I have a soft spot for Pansy Parkinson.

I think I just have a thing for brunettes with pageboy haircuts.

This is not Pansy Parkinson

(Yes, I know, Pansy totally does not look like this.)

Anyway, I wound up submitting a fic to the Pansy Parkinson/Harry Potter fic exchange. (I blame ebilgatoloco.) So if you have a deranged fondness for this pairing, you can go vote for your favorites among the submissions. (You have to be a member of the community.) And yes, my story is in there among the nominees, and no, I won't tell you which one.
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