October 8th, 2012


Book Review: Straying from the Path, by Carrie Vaughn

Ten excellent short stories in a book that sadly few people will buy.

Straying from the Path

WSFA Press, 2011, 198 pages

Best known for her New York Times bestselling urban fantasy novels, Carrie Vaughn has also written dozens of short stories for Talebones, Realms of Fantasy, and many other magazines and anthologies.

Collected here for the first time are ten of her favorite hard-to-classify stories covering the full range of speculative fiction -- science fiction, fantasy, horror -- sometimes all in the same story. Read about Emily Dickinson's dog, women pilots in WWII, future Hollywood, a haunted Europa, and more!

Acclaimed author and editor Jay Lake contributes an introduction to this unique collection.

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Verdict: It's a shame this book is so rare and expensive, because for someone like me who is not a big Carrie Vaughn fan, it was well worth reading. This collection of short stories is a nice assortment of themes, and none of them struck a sour note, so if you have a chance to read it, you should. If you are a big Carrie Vaughn fan, it's worth buying.

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